Sweet Pea Cole


Ocean Roll Sparrow Sticker

Ocean Roll Sparrow Sticker


Ocean Rolls from The Sparrow Bakery are the epitome of goodness in Bend, Oregon. If you’ve ever enjoyed a cardamon pastry on the patio shared with The Workhouse, chances are high that a real bird bounced on the table near you, eying your treat. And if you’ve ever had the chance to go into The Workhouse, you can certainly understand why I was inspired to draw this scene.

This thick, durable vinyl is cut into a 3”x3” square. The cut-out sticker is 2.6" x 1.75" . Use the entire sticker or just the sparrow and ocean roll . These stickers resist scratching, rain, and sunlight.

Designed by Sweet Pea Cole in Bend, Oregon.

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