Sweet Pea Cole


1ofaKind Zipper Pouch No. 1

1ofaKind Zipper Pouch No. 1


As a maker, I am drawn to the specialness of a thing that can’t be done again. Creating something, however simple or complex, that has it’s own story, purpose, or style.

Like this cream zipper pouch - layered thick with silver, black, and purple ink from print projects dating back more than a year. I added a green zipper and this tiny little satchel becomes a bag for your favorite whatever. Look closely. You’ll find metallic remnants of Patti Smith lyrics, a black West Highland White Terrier, and a brilliant violet reference to a local landscaping company.

Made from accidental collages, test prints, and mistakes, this is the first in a hopeful series of 1ofaKind Zipper Pouches.

2.5” x 5” x .5”

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